Soft capacitor fibers using conductive polymers for conductive textiles

J. F. Gu, S. Gorgutsa, M. Skorobogatiy

(June 26th, 2010)

Karma Chameleon: Bragg Fiber Jacquard Woven Photonic Textiles

J. Berzowska, M. Skorobogatiy

Color-changing and color-tunable photonic bandgap fiber textiles

B. Gauvreau, N. Guo, K. Schicker, K. Stoeffler, F. Boismenu, A. Ajji, R. Wingfield, C. Dubois, M. Skorobogatiy

Opt. Express, Vol. 16, pp. 15677-15693 (2008)

Color-on-demand photonic textiles

B. Gauvreau, K. Schicker, N. Guo, C. Dubois, R. Wingfield, M. Skorobogatiy

The Textile Journal, Vol. 125, pp. 70-81 (2008)

Colour-tunable textiles

Nature Photonics

News and Views, Nov. 2008


Canadians Make Beautiful Woven Textile Displays

iheartswitch on March 3, 2010

Photonic Textiles by Karma Chameleon

«Color changing, light emitting textiles are captivating, they radiate sophistication and innovation. »

talk2myShirt on June 7, 2010

Electronic Fiber

talk2myShirt on July 13, 2010

Le Code Chastenay: Episode 53

« Des vêtements qui en mettent plein la vue grâce à la fibre optique. » Joanna Berzowska and Maksim Skorobogatiy talk about photonic band-gap fibers and their textile applications.

TéléQuébec Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sustainable communities

« Concordia′s XS Labs is developing wearable technologies that harness and conduct energy. This prototype dress (right), for example, is made with a fabric that conducts energy that powers the dress′s illuminated accessories. »

The Globe and Mail Monday, January 26, 2009

Switches in your britches with wearable technology
by Mike King

« Joanna Berzowska, a leader in designing clothes with high-tech fabrics, or so-called intelligent textiles, builds a circuit into a dress in her lab at Concordia University. »

Montreal Gazette October 05, 2006

Joanna featured as representing one of Montreal's Competitive Clusters

Concordia Corner: Extra-Soft Lab is extra heavy on research
by Karen Herland

Concordia Journal April 5, 2007 vol. 2, no. 14


All-fiber capacitance textiles for energy storage and sensing applications

Prof. Maksim Skorobogatiy, Canada Research Chair in photonic crystals, ECOLE POLYTECHNIQUE DE MONTRÉAL

Smart Fabrics 2010, April 14-16 2010 in Miami, Florida

XS Labs: electronic textiles for the culture industry

Prof. Joanna Berzowska

Smart Fabrics 2010, April 14-16 2010 in Miami, Florida

Karma Chameleon: Bragg Fiber Jacquard-Woven Photonic Textiles at TEI 2010, the conference on tangible, embedded, and embodied interaction.

Prof. Joanna Berzowska, Prof. Maksim Skorobogatiy

Boston, 25-27 January 2010

Karma Chameleon: Jacquard-Woven Photonic Fiber Display, Siggraph 2009

Prof. Joanna Berzowska, Prof. Maksim Skorobogatiy

New Orleans, Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Photonic textiles, overview of the technology, applications and commercialization opportunities
invited tutorial

K. Shicker, M. Skorobogatiy, J. Berzowska

5th Smart Fabrics conference, Rome, Italy, March 2009

Colour-on-demand photonic textiles using plastic photonic bandgap fibres
invited exposition display

B. Gauvreau, K. Schicker, N. Guo, C. Dubois, R. Wingfield, M. Skorobogatiy

Futurotextiel 2008, Kortrijk, Belgium

Color-on-demand photonic textiles
invited talk

B. Gauvreau, K. Schicker, N. Guo, C. Dubois, R. Wingfield, M. Skorobogatiy

ExpoHightex 2008, Montréal, Canada